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At Balochistan Fiberglass we have wealth of experience in all aspects of the glass reinforced plastic, with total of 12 years in the fiberglass industry. We are a company you can trust in and we take pride in the ability to satisfy the customer's demands, both in the industrial and domestic sector.

Our innovative expertise and reputation as well as our prominent position within the Karachi Pakistan market makes us one of the leading companies in highly specialized field of G.R.P composite moulding (glass reinforced plastic). All of our work is the within the open mold process giving our products the highest quality due due to every products being meticulously made by hand by our qualified fiberglass experts.

Balochistan Fiberglass strictly monitors quality control of products to the highest standard. Where specified product application can be made fire retardant to conform to BS 476, part 7 Class 11 surface spread of flame these specifications carry additional cost.


Our mission is to provide the best composite /fiberglass parts to our customer and we
have stirct quality and safety controls to make sure you are getting the best.


Our vision is to be the industry expert in fiber glass industry and the leading provider of
delivering highest quality of product.

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